St Ignace, MI to South Range, WI

When we got back from the Island yesterday – we were home by 430pm.   Raymond spotted a Beaver making it’s way across the campground.    Since we are the only campers here….he had no problem making his way across the grounds.    He was much bigger than I imagined they could be.    I didn’t get a picture to give you a reference – but he was at least up to my knee.   And a yet to be identified bird…..NOT any more:   This is a Northern Flicker – of the woodpecker family that eats mostly Ants.

1-DSC_0094 2-DSC_0095 4-DSC_0097 5-DSC_0098

Just a couple of views of the campground near our site.6-DSC_0099 7-DSC_0100We are off to a West path toward Glacier NP tomorrow.   Most likely will stop just East of Duluth, since we are hoping we can handle some retirement items there.   Raymond has been retired over 60 days, so we can pick up his MWR card and have access to campgrounds on our military bases around the country.  YAY!!!!   And, take a drive along the shores of Lake Superior.   That will be 3 out of 3 Great Lakes that we have visited.