St Ignace, Michigan St Ignace/Mackinac Island KOA

We left Grand Haven and within 5 hours were in St Ignace, Michigan.    KOA was having a free night this weekend so we stayed an extra night – 3 total.     It was quite a “trip” coming over the Mackinac Bridge   (pronounced Mackinaw).    Strong winds – Warning on the radio and signs before we got to the bridge they call BigMac.     So we slowed to 20mph and put on the hazard lights, as instructed.    In spite of the warnings, we had no issues with being moved around.

Just on the North side of BigMac we exited I-75 to US Route 2.   We are now headed West.   Route 2 goes all the way to Glacier National Park.     Of course, we were stopping here for 3 nights so we went 2.5 miles to the KOA.

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