Lake Michigan at Holland, MI

Holland, Michigan is a coastal city.   It rests on the banks of Lake Michigan.    Our family had visited Sandusky, Ohio which is on Lake Erie so Raymond and I had to visit Lake Michigan.    Maybe one day we’ll visit all 5 Great Lakes.

Anyway, this was a quick trip to walk out to the Lighthouse.   Did you know that no two lighthouses are the same?   And Michigan has the most lighthouses of any state, 120 of them.    Wonderful Kites were flying the afternoon we were there.

2-DSC_0060 3-DSC_0064 4-DSC_0068 5-DSC_0076 6-DSC_0086 7-DSC_0091  Hard to see…but all of those Red dots are Lighthouses around Lake Michigan.8-DSC_0093