Holland, Indiana Tulip Time

There are so many small towns across America – please get out and visit them near where you live (if you don’t live in one of them).    They have wonderful festivals and all kinds of activities to enjoy.  Most of them have websites with Event Calendars!  Check them out.

Holland, Indiana is one of those towns.   Planters throughout the downtown area filled with Tulips.   Of course, it’s still really cold and many of them have not opened…..but it’s still a nice downtown area.   It is located along Lake Michigan too.    We have been following the extended Winter this year, each time the weather warms it’s time for us to leave.   And that was no exception here.   The day we went to Holland it was a high of 45 and winds in the 20mph range.   COLD is an understatement….but that’s all part of this adventure we are on.    We had a blast anyway!

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