Grand Haven, Michigan Grand Haven Campgrounds

After almost 6 weeks of catching up paperwork and visiting two different factories/shops for work on the RV, we are feeling more like we are finally on the road.   VS feeling like this is a vacation that we’ll have to return to FL soon.

We headed North from LaGrange, IN a whooping 124 miles to Grand Haven.   The park here is really nice – the 2nd Yogi Bear Jellystone park we’ve been in.   We pulled into a site that is almost lined with some type of pine tree (yes, different than the FL Pines)….and when I think of Raymond having to exit this site it’s scary!    Some of the trees are close to the end of the site edge.    We are staying here a week  (6 nights paid for/ 1 night free)  NICE!!!!

We decided to stop here to see the Tulip Festival in Holland, 15 miles South of us.  And go East by about the same distance to Grand Rapids and see the rapids the city built itself around.  Have YOU ever wondered how cities get their names?     We also need to catch up on our mail with Josh and see if there is anything he needs to send us.   AND we are making an Amazon order.   So everything will catch us here.

Since we’ll be here a week and we have trees right out our windows, the Bird Feeder is already up!    But, for now I’ll watch the beautiful Black Squirrels.    Apparently, they are all over Ontario and filtering in to just a few northern states.

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