Calgary’s Peace Bridge and Princes Island Park

Such a treat to watch this GSD swim halfway across the Bow River to retrieve a stick his owner kept throwing.   Beautiful dog.    And, with so many Canada Geese in the water they would go toward the stick (no doubt thinking it was food) until the dog got close.

GOT IT. The GSD and the Geese

Lovely area.   Still some visible flood damage from 7 June 2013.Still some damage from last years floods (June 7th 2013 floods) 04-DSC_0064 05-DSC_0066 06-DSC_0067

The City of Calgary Peace Bridge

07-DSC_0070 08-DSC_0072 09-DSC_0076

Greek Monument in the park.    And, again, we find miles and miles of jogging, bike, walking paths along the Bow River.

Greek Monument near the Peace Bridge downtown Calgary

Calgary Downtown and the Calgary Stampede Park

With beautiful weather, we went downtown today to get a few things done.   A little sightseeing and while in the area, I wanted to go in a few ‘shops’.  🙂    First we went to the Calgary Stampede Park where they were having an Expo for the ‘big’ race this Sunday. After paying $15.00 to park, we found the Expo a huge disappointment.   In DC and in Jax the Expo’s are huge and you can find anything you are looking for.   This one had 3 vendors with clothing, 2 with shoes, and the rest were advertising the upcoming races in their areas, etc.  So we left and spent time walking around the Park Grounds.   Wonderful statues, etc.

Calgary Stampede

Love this picture of Raymond.

02-DSC_0036 The Explanation of the statues.

Calgary Tower downtown


Wall carvings.



06-DSC_0043 07-DSC_0046

Beautiful Trees


A mural of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Wall Art

Another view of downtown Calgary.

Downtown Calgary

Cochrane, Alberta, Canada Bow RiversEdge RV Campground

Nice, very large Good Sam campground.   Packed but we got 50 amp, even though there are only a few.   It’s sits along the Bow River and has miles of jogging, walking, dog path.

1-DSC_0002 2-DSC_0003

The Bow River (campground is at the bend in the river).


We had planned to stay here 2 nights and then begin our trek to Anchorage.   However, we have been detained.   Our Volvo is in the shop and cannot be worked on until next Thursday.    So, we came back to the campground to ask if we could extend.   Fine, except they are full on the weekends.   So, tomorrow morning we are going to find a tow truck and hopefully work out moving us 3 times over the next almost 2 weeks.   Tomorrow- through Friday AM we’ll have a 30amp site.    Friday/Saturday we can boondock toward the front of their park.   And, then, Sunday we can move into a 50amp site for whole week including the weekend – in case our truck is not finished by Saturday the 7th.

This will change the way we were going to travel to Anchorage (by June 17th) …. maybe a few longer days and less “multiple nights in one place stops”, but we can still be in Anchorage as planned.    And rest up for the Mayor’s Midnight Half Marathon on June 20th.

The nice thing about being at this campground is the beautiful jogging path along the Bow River.     Oh, and, now that we are here more than 2 nights we will be sightseeing in and around the area!

And, I’ve added some additional campground pictures.    Although it’s probably the biggest campground we’ve stayed in – it’s really nice, quiet, and set in beautiful surroundings.

1-DSC_0015 2-DSC_0019 Puddle after the rains

The Bow River and single lane bridge from the walking/jogging trail.

Bow River

IT’s All An Adventure!!!!



O Canada

As we leave St Mary Glacier East KOA, I had to post one more shot of the setting Sun.Our last evening watching the Sunset on Glacier East.

And we are off to Canada.  Cochrane, Alberta to be more exact.    The road toward the US/Canada Border we covered with yellow flowers. 1-DSC_0016

And we arrived at the Piegan Border Crossing at 1206pm.    It literally took 24 minutes and we were on our way.   And that included the agent walking out to the Rig and then us closing the door on the RV, after getting some Bagels, Cream Cheese and Peach Jam (from Donna).

2-DSC_0017 3-DSC_0020 4-DSC_0027 5-DSC_0050

And now we are enjoying the Canadian Rockies.    Just as pretty!6-DSC_0055

The rolling hills with fields being plowed just like in the USA.7-DSC_0059

Canadian Flowers – yet to be identified.   LOL8-DSC_0066 Flowers all along the Canada Highway - AB 2  (Alberta 2)


I just don’t get tired of this view along US89.01-DSC_0001

And then we came around the curve to find wild horses on both sides of the road….and in the middle of the road.


02-DSC_0011 03-DSC_0012

While Raymond was changing the fuel filters (2) on the Volvo, I decided to go 7 miles down the road to a nest we spotted the other day.     Almost as soon as I pulled up they started flying!   FUN!!!!

04-DSC_0017 05-DSC_0025 06-DSC_0027 07-DSC_0029 08-DSC_0031 09-DSC_0036

And then I caught a beautiful Magpie.    Such a wonderful pattern when he flys!

10-DSC_0059 What a beautiful Magpie!!!! 12-DSC_0064 13-DSC_0076

St Marys Lake along the campground.


And the campground from across the river.15-DSC_0085

Another beautiful day at East Glacier, MT

On our way to Browning, MT today to pick up a few supplies (30 miles away), we enjoyed the roadside beauty.   Roadside Wild Horses.    While we were in town, we talked to several people and one native American was telling us about so many animals moving around the low areas of the roads.   He said in another couple of weeks, when LOTS of tourists arrive they will move way up the mountains.   So we have been fortunate to see the wildlife.

Wild Horses along US89 near St Mary, MT Wild Horses along US89 near St Mary, MT

Roadside abandon building from days long ago.near St Mary, MT

And then we noticed the trees covered with new leaves.   Just the past two days, we had temps in the mid 60’s to low 70’s.   It amazing the changes in the trees.   Shades of green are beautiful.

Just a few days ago the bright green trees had no leaves Bighorn Sheep  And, today is our daughter 27th birthday, so when I was chatting with her she said we need to join the crowd and start taking selfies!   We posted pictures from this same bench a few days ago….with our feet on ice and snow that was atleast 18″ deep right in front of us.    It’s all gone!   But, let me tell you, there is still plenty of snow and ice everywhere.1st Selfie with the timer!

Bighorn Sheep along on a ledge.  His ‘friends’ were again all over the mountains.Bighorn Sheep on a ledge.

And with all of the snow melting the rivers are raging.


More beauiful rocks covered with Lichen.   Since the man in town was telling us about the area, we decided to drive up Many Glacier Road again (right before Sunset at 9:20pm). Once again, we found tons of wildlife and nature.

Redrock and Lichen


And then while we were taking a picture of the Raging Waterfalls, a lady pulled up and said there was a “Big Grizz” just down the road on the left.  She appeared to be a resident, so we assume she knows the difference in the bears around here.   So we continued on our way and he was still grazing about 60′ off the side of the road.    He was huge!10-DSC_0037 11-DSC_0042 12-DSC_0046 13-DSC_0051 On the way home, we went down the gravel road on the East Side of St Marys Lake to check the nests we had spotted earlier this week.   And, almost on cue the parent took off flying to distract us.

14-DSC_0054 15-DSC_0060 16-DSC_0062 1-DSC_0066

A Lovely Sunset!

18-DSC_0071 19-DSC_0073We have made reservations NW of Calgary, so we will depart this beauty on Sunday.     I will post as soon as I can, but we are unsure of our communication possibilities.   Cells will be off while we are in Canada, but we are hoping to be in Anchorage on the 17th of June.   Mayor’s Midnight Half Marathon is the 21st of June!    Have a blessed day!


Exploring East Glacier around Two Medicine Lake

Another day of exploring around East Glacier.   Gorgeous day and about 62.  The view of the picture of Glacier Mtns is outside the St Marys Visitor Center and show the mountains without snow.   When we return here in late August/early September I’m sure we’ll be amazed at the changes in scenery.

01-DSC_0021 And this is what Glacier NP looks like without snow capped mountains. Historic St Marys Ranger Station.   Not open for visitors!04-DSC_00301913 Ranger Station St Marys Glacier NP

Horses grazing along the road.

05-DSC_0037 Grazing right along Rt 49

Love the snow capped mountains.


Raymond spotted a Marmot in the cliffs.

Raymond spotted a  "what we thought was a badger";  Is It?


Lichen 10-DSC_0060

Another Glacier National Park Sign – each one is different.11-DSC_0066

Glacier Lily

Glacier Lily

River rocks under a swift current.

Colorful Rocks under a swift clear current of the river

Two Medicine Lake still covered with ice.  In the summer, this is the docks for cruises on the lake.


After dinner we took a walk and found the deer moving/grazing. Raymond and I went out for a walk on the road in front of the campgrounds. He's inside the campgrounds.

Just a neat looking tree.



Stellar’s Jay in the fields next to the campgrounds.

Stellar's Jay Stellar's Jay

Just watching the clouds as they pass by the mountains.    Love the view from our windows.

The setting sunJust watching the clouds roll by!

Exploring St Mary, MT and Many Glacier Road

Since the “Road To The Sun” highway is not open yet, the KOA Manager told us we could go up Many Glacier Road – it is open!   Lots of wildlife has been out recently, too.   So, we unloaded the Smart and off we go.    Raymond took us along a different route to get to Many Glacer Road – along the West Side of St Mary Lake.   Mostly a dirt road….but plenty of scenery and perfect for us “4 wheeling in the Smart Car”.   LOL

01-DSC_0008 02-DSC_0010



Young Ferruginous Hawks


Then we turned on Many Glacier Road (google it).   There is a Many Glacier Hotel, Campgrounds, scenic hikes, etc.

05-DSC_0022 06-DSC_0025 07-DSC_0028 08-DSC_0030

And we found a Brown Bear!   As we slowly passed him, he sat down and posed for us.   09-DSC_0039 10-DSC_0040 11-DSC_0041

Right beyond the bear, Raymond spotted a bird right along his side of the road. It’s a Ruffed Grouse.


Back to views of the Mountains.


Then these cute guys were grazing right along the road.  Bighorn Sheep.


We figured this one was saying, “wait don’t leave, where is the food”?15-DSC_0065

16-DSC_0068 17-DSC_0071

Raymond sat on this bench surrounded by snow and looked up on the mountain to see sheep grazing – all over the place.


More Bighorn Sheep all along the slopes.

19-DSC_0082  Since Many Glacier Road has a dead end, as we were leaving Raymond spotted these guys on the road to the Many Glacier Hotel.  Turns out they are a family of Bighorn Sheep that stay near the Many Glacier Hotel.  Way too friendly!   I was out of the car taking pictures and they walked right up to Raymond’s side – he rolled up the window…and they came around to my side – which by that time I had gotten back in the car.   LOL

20-DSC_0095 21-DSC_0099

These were along the road in the thick grass.   Pasque Blossoms – Pulsatilla patens

These gorgeous, showy flowers are visible in meadows along the eastern slopes of Glacier National Park from late May. They are one of the earliest blooming flowers and their heads can be noticed poking above the snow in altitudes up to 10,000 feet.


St Mary, Montana St Mary Glacier Park KOA Campgrounds

A view from the window of the Volvo as we drive this 2 lane (sometimes a third lane as a passing lane) road to the campground.   Quite a ride on such narrow roads…..oh really, we had plenty of normal lane size but just no shoulder along my side of the truck.  HAHAHA

01-DSC_0107 02-DSC_0110

And then we arrive at the place we get to rest, explore and relax for the next 5 nights. A rain shower moved in through the pass and just as quickly as in Florida it was gone and the skies cleared.

03-DSC_0115 04-DSC_0117 So Raymond and I walked around the huge grounds of this KOA.  A river, A lake, and the Glacier National Park (from the East Side).


The river is so clear and has a very colorful rock bottom.


Caught a Canada Goose flying!


And I think we counted at least 16 deer last night.

08-DSC_0149 09-DSC_0153

A view of our camp site…Once again, we continue pushing the season so we have mostly an empty campground.


And these charming little cabins, also for rent.


More deer!


And the mountains are still visible close to 10pm.13-DSC_0178 14-DSC_0181

What a beautiful place!