New York Central RR Museum

We had a few more hours until Mor-Ryde finished up, so we went in a RR Museum in Elkhart.   WOW – over 6,000 ft of covered exhibits and then one quarter acre of trains.  Many of those you could climb inside and check them out.    We both wished we had more time there, but we covered most of it.

But before you get to the Museum, here is a picture of the Amish countryside we passed through.  The farmland around Indiana is really pretty.     And, then there is Guggisberg Cheese Factory.   We visited here in 2010 when we were in nearby Goshen, IN….but we were staying in a motel and so we didn’t buy any of the cheeses, meats, etc the make.  This time was different.   We got about 7 different kinds of cheeses, one summer sausage and then went down the road to Yoder’s Meats and Cheeses and got some Bacon.


1-DSC_0038 2-DSC_00393-DSC_0040 I guess I really should have taken the whole picture of the Erie Canal plaque…but the fascinating part to me was the train cars in the pictures above the plaque.

4-DSC_0043 5-DSC_0044

These ‘hand grenades’ were placed along the walls of the train cars.  In the event of a fire they were to be thrown on it.


6-DSC_0045  And then we came to a room with a huge set of model trains, tracks, tunnels, street scenes, a carnival.   It was amazing. 8-DSC_0049

This last picture from inside the engine where the conductor would sit.