New York Central RR Museum

We had a few more hours until Mor-Ryde finished up, so we went in a RR Museum in Elkhart.   WOW – over 6,000 ft of covered exhibits and then one quarter acre of trains.  Many of those you could climb inside and check them out.    We both wished we had more time there, but we covered most of it.

But before you get to the Museum, here is a picture of the Amish countryside we passed through.  The farmland around Indiana is really pretty.     And, then there is Guggisberg Cheese Factory.   We visited here in 2010 when we were in nearby Goshen, IN….but we were staying in a motel and so we didn’t buy any of the cheeses, meats, etc the make.  This time was different.   We got about 7 different kinds of cheeses, one summer sausage and then went down the road to Yoder’s Meats and Cheeses and got some Bacon.


1-DSC_0038 2-DSC_00393-DSC_0040 I guess I really should have taken the whole picture of the Erie Canal plaque…but the fascinating part to me was the train cars in the pictures above the plaque.

4-DSC_0043 5-DSC_0044

These ‘hand grenades’ were placed along the walls of the train cars.  In the event of a fire they were to be thrown on it.


6-DSC_0045  And then we came to a room with a huge set of model trains, tracks, tunnels, street scenes, a carnival.   It was amazing. 8-DSC_0049

This last picture from inside the engine where the conductor would sit.


Elkhart, LaGrange and The University of Notre Dame

We spent an extended time in this area.   Elkhart, IN we had Mor-Ryde install Independent Suspension on the RV.   Not 1 RV we (Raymond) talked to about that upgrade has said a negative word.    During the days the work was being done, we went sightseeing and then were able to return home (the RV) each night.   Even stayed inside their shop one night (inside our home, of course).

One day we visited the campus of The University of Notre Dame.   What a beautiful day, campus, and we walked over 3 miles out and around St Mary’s Lake (on campus).  Lots of wildlife!   First Wood Ducks in the wild I’ve ever seen!     Hope you enjoy the pictures.

1-DSC_0004 The Dome 2-DSC_0006 Bascilica, The Dome & Wars Memorial 3-DSC_0016 St Mary's Lake 4-DSC_0020 5-DSC_0026 Wood Duck 6-DSC_0028 Wood Duck 7-DSC_0037 Beautiful View from all angles

Heiskell, TN SKP Raccoon Valley RV Park

What a great little park SKP (Escapees) has just North of Knoxville.    It’s a small park but we fit in just fine.    Nice stopping off point and we had a chance to visit with Ken and Pat Carruth, David Dixon, and Robert & Heidi Springfield.     We had a wonderful dinner at the Springfields.

David installed new lights on the Volvo and we went into Knoxville and got the head lamp covers buffed so they are now clear (constant problem with Volvo’s).   Weather is warming but still really chilly at night.

2 nights planned here – turned into to 4 nights.    Nice to relax and visit with friends.

The first picture is an 1850 Spring House, 2nd is obvious, and the 3rd is the view heading toward Indiana.   For hundreds of miles, the beautiful purple trees were in bloom.

1-DSC_0184 Spring House Pre 1850s 2-DSC_0185 Raccoon Valley RV 3-DSC_0188 The Smokies

HDT (Heavy Duty Truck) Rally 2014 in Crossville, TN

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Deer Run RV Resort Pre Rally Begins!   Seriously beautiful RV Park no matter what month you visit.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Each year we (fellow HDT’ers or wannabee’s) gather in Crossville, TN for a week of mini-seminars, LOTS of socializing, potluck dinners together, happy hours around a campfire, games, and just plain fun seeing old friends, meeting new friends. Everyone is welcome and we’ve seen many arrive one year in a pick up towing their RV and return the next year in their HDT towing their RV.


There is a lot of information on the internet about RVing with HDT’s. has a forum “HDT”; and a section for the women (wives) who also drive “RDBE- Rigs Driven By Estrogen”. Many of us do drive – either seldom or often – doesn’t matter! The rally and the meetings are for anyone interested.


The following pictures are Rigs of the 26 families we had this year. It was a wonderful week and we’ve already made our plans to be there April 2015.


ImageImageImageDSC_0038 ECRIMG_0111 ECR

Spring Like Weather (for a few days)

We are continuing to enjoy warm temps in Crossville, but will have cooler temps next week with highs in the low 50s.    That’s okay – it’s still a beautiful place to be.   Two weeks from today we leave to move North.    My guess is we will continue to follow cooler temps, but we’ll see.


Yesterday I spotted an Eastern Bluebird.   He flew past our windshield so quickly, I almost didn’t see him.    Soooo pretty.    (copy of picture…no way I could have caught him on camera).   LOL

Soon more HDT’ers will arrive for the start of the 2014 East Coast Rally (5-12 April).  Looking foward to seeing everyone and meeting so many new people attending this year!

Safe travels, everyone!