Crossville, TN Deer Run RV Resort

Crossville, TN Deer Run RV Resort

I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful this campground is. Kim owns and manages. We’ve been going there since April 2012 (first trip right after we got our Rig) and each year we arrive to find changes, upgrades, etc. It’s beautiful and that is an understatement. This year our site was lined with a fence. The plan is to make each site that way. Winter has been rough this year – long and cold and when we arrived in mid March they were just beginning to be able to begin the work they have planned.

We normally spend time there before and after the actual Rally, as do many other families. So being there longer we had plenty of changing weather. Days in the 60s and then nights of freezes – including the low temp of 18. OH MY – now that’s cold for true born and raised Floridians. 1 day of beautiful SNOW – all day! I sat and watched the weather that whole day – and of course, ventured outside to take a few pictures. Although it was somewhat chilly this year, we had a wonderful time watching the ever-changing lake, trees, tons of birds, ducks, geese, and the occasional deer along the roadways.

If you have a chance to camp (RV, Tent, even a few small cabins you can rent) – don’t miss staying at Deer Run RV Resort, 3609 Peavine Firetower Road, Crossville, TN.


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  1. Where’s the 360 degree view of all around the RV….you should probably just climb on the roof and take a couple panoramas or something. 🙂

  2. You definitely should. That’d be really cool to see shots while it’s empty and shots when it’s all full. You could easily do two panoramas to capture the full 360 degrees.

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