Preparation Time with “see you later” Farewells

We spent the last three weeks before our scheduled Jacksonville exit on 16 March.    But, the most fun was having many luncheons and visits with family and friends.   It’s always fun to spend time with we never see often enough.    Thank you all.     Mostly we will miss our two Sons, Chris and Josh that live here and down the state!

Raymond’s retirement day was Friday, 7 March 2014 and it was a busy one.  He had so many projects/items he wanted to complete….but, as usual, there is never enough hours in the day to complete them all.

The following week we spent readying ourselves and the Rig for ‘hitting the road’.   Again, never enough hours to complete everything…….but enough we did not leave on schedule.  We enjoyed the 2014 Gate River Run and we both finished the 15K (9.6 miles).   YAY!  And we could still move the next morning.   LOL

20140315_122609 20140315_122618


Good Bye, Jacksonville!    It’s been a great 31 years!