Adairsville, GA Harvest Moon RV Park

Sunday 16 March 2014

WOW the day we have planned for so long has finally arrived.   We loaded the Smart last night and with Raymond’s guide lines we had not one issue with lining it up the first time.  Even though it felt like Yukon RV Park was tight, we hitched up easily and off we go.  (first time since late November we have moved the RV).

We plan to not drive more than 300 miles but we wanted to stop for the night North of Atlanta.    That way we don’t have to deal with normal Monday traffic there tomorrow.   So we drove about 430 miles to Adairsville, GA.     Harvest Moon RV Park.   We pulled in right after dark and work up to seeing a beautiful park with lots of long pull through sites.   This tree and little bird (trying to stay warm) was right outside our dining room window.

Chilly Morning Robins

We headed to Marysville, GA to get new Rig tires and spend some time with Donna and Carl Wagner.    Donna met and lead us to the tire shop then we spent some time seeing Maryville.   Carl met us after work and we enjoyed a BBQ dinner before the guys went to pick up the rig and get it parked for the night.    Their legwork made it easy to get lots done.

Off to Crossville for a month tomorrow.