CROCK POT meals aren’t what they used to be!

I guess you could say I enjoy cooking and the view from my RV kitchen today is really enjoyable.   A huge variety of birds at our feeder, ducks and geese in the water bright blue skies even though the temps are just now rising to 39 degrees.

Anyway, a pot of Chili is on the stove simmering.   But the real point of this post is what you can now do with your Crock Pot.    I found a conversion chart online along with some tips about cutting the amount of liquid in your recipes – last week we tried Stuffed Pork Chops.   Prepared as you normally would before baking, put in the crock pot and my husband and I went for a walk.   2.5 hrs later dinner was ready.   So, I’m looking forward to trying Lasagna, Mac N Cheese, etc.   Recipes you would never think would work in a crock.

Here’s the conversion:

You can make almost any of your family’s faves in the slow cooker, so think about using one for recipes that call for long simmering or roasting times.  It’s so convenient, and you can even bring back oven recipes you banish in the summer (too hot to turn on that oven) when you make them in your slow cooker.  The table below will help you figure out how long to slow cook a recipe you usually do in the oven.  One thing to remember:  Slow cookers create their own moisture; cut the liquid in the recipe a third to a half.

This table helps you convert traditional cooking times to slow cooker times:

Traditional Oven or Stovetop Low Slow Cooker Setting (about 200 degrees f) High Slow Cooker Setting (about 300 degrees f)
15-30 minutes 4-6 hours 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 hours
35-45 minutes 6-8 hours 3-4 hours
50 minutes- 3 hours 8-10 hours 4-6 hours


Hope you enjoy experimenting like I do.